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Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine 600 Ton hydraulic press Manufacturer – hot japani
hot japani provides a range of four-column hydraulic press from 2 ton up to 2000 ton, 4 column hydraulic press models, also known as 4-post hydraulic press,  can be designed to accommodate different dies of any size and are well suited for part manufacturing that requires superior rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism. hot japani 4-post hydraulic presses are designed with modular tie-rod construction and built for infinite service life. What’s more, hot japani four-column hydraulic press adopts a servo motor, servo driver, pressure transducer and displacement transducer, 10″ big touch screen, that allows all settings on the touch screen.
four column hydraulic press

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Every four-column hydraulic press machine from hot japani is guided by replaceable, graphite-impregnated bronze bushings and solid, chrome-plated posts to ensure years of maintenance-free, reliable operation.
The precision bushings provide superior ram guidance and eliminate the need for external lubrication.
 Advantages of the four-column hydraulic press:
  • Typically more economical than gib-guided presses
  • Allow four-sided access to the working area
  • Compact design, built to your specifications
  • Virtually no restrictions on tonnage or bed size customizationProgrammable Adjustable Stroke
  • Programmable Slide Motion Throughout the Stroke with Slide Position Accuracy in Microns.
  • 30% Less Electrical Power Consumption
  • No Loss of Energy, Even at 1 SPM
  • At Least Twice the Working Energy of Traditional Mechanical Presses
four column hydraulic press

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We want to learn more about your business and discuss your manufacturing requirements so we can work together on improving your process.