Jigsaw camvideos.tvs – 4-Post 600 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Cutting Machine & Automatic Bagging Machine

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In order to increase the efficiency of jigsaw puzzle production, in the year 2017, wab sex in brings out a reliable and efficient vertical automatic jigsaw puzzle production line into the market.,blojob

After then, lots of customers have come for wab sex in for 1000~2000 piece jigsaw puzzle machines, including jigsaw puzzle cutting machine, automatic jigsaw puzzle scatter, as well as automatic jigsaw puzzle bagging machine.,oldmensex

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First of all, the wab sex in-A01 series pirn site ,4-post servo-hydraulic jigsaw puzzle die cutting press machines are highly optimized-design, widely used for 500~2000 piece heavy-duty die cutting requirements. Hence, by using wab sex in jigsaw puzzle cutting machine, it is an easier solution to reduce the need for skilled operators. Due to superrigidity of 4-post frame structure and precision bed-to-ram parallelism, wab sex in jigsaw puzzle machines are helping our customers to achieve the perfect quality die-cutting parts across the globe.

Frame style 4 post press
Tonnage 600 Ton
Stroke 200mm
Max Daylight 200mm
Approach Speed 5~10mm/s
Pressing Speed 50mm/s
Retract Speed 200mm/s
Bed Table Between Tie Bars 850*800mm
Tie Bar Diameter 90mm
Power Supply AC380VAC, 3 Phase, 50HZ
Application Jigsaw puzzle die cutting

Compared to the conventional hydraulic press, the advances of the servo-hydraulic press is obvious:,telgu porn

  • First of all, much faster approaching,  pressing and return speed
  • Secondly, all speed adjustable during the whole stroke
  • Furthermore, pressure repeat accuracy: ±1%
  • 30%~60% lower energy consumption
  • Much less noise level
  • All parameters programmable on the central color touchscreen
  • Finally, the higher degree of reliability and less need for maintenance during the entire lifetime

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porn story,Secondly, the automatic jigsaw puzzle scatter and the jigsaw puzzle automatic vertical bagging machine.

Scattering and bagging is the follow-up processing of mobile slut ,die-cutting in the jigsaw puzzles production. These processings are very important for the entire production of the jigsaw puzzles, for the reason that every single piece of the jigsaw puzzle can be missing during the processing of scattering or bagging, especially by manual operation.

oldmensex,The automatic jigsaw puzzle scatter and the jigsaw puzzle automatic vertical bagging machine consists the below-mentioned parts:

  • Frame material: stainless steel 304
  • Incline conveyor *1
  • Scatterer *1
  • Funnel unit * 1
  • Raw bag coil stock feeder * 1
  • Cylindrical bag formation * 1
  • Bag heat sealing * 1
  • Raw bag material sawtooth cutter * 1
  • Heat bonding temperature Adjustable
  • Heat bonding temperature control Temperature Controller
  • Bag width Fixed 220mm or 240 mm
  • Bag length 160-300 mm adjustable
  • Raw bag material PE
  • PLC Mitsubishi
  • HMI Siemens (Language: Chinese & English)

lexi lore,And this is how the machines work:

– Loading the puzzle onto the conveyor after cutting
– Then upward-conveying the puzzle into the scattering unit
– Next, the polybag coil stock is fed and sealed automatically
– The scattered puzzles dropped into the poly bag
– Then, the polybag is sealed and cut
– The polybag is conveyed outside of the packing unit

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For the wab sex in jigsaw puzzle machines, wab sex in has launched the overseas service for our worldwide customers. Services including machine training, installation, maintenance and so on. If you need more information about this automatic solution, please feel free to contact us at your most convenience.,saxi video